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Just Put One Foot in Front of the Other…And Soon You’ll be Walking Out the Door!


Arthritis Walking Kits available to Green County Residents


For any one of the 50 million people in the U.S. living with some form of arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, stiffness, and limited mobility are everyday problems.  Good medical care is important, but in reality you spend most of your life outside the doctor’s office.  Taking care of yourself through self-management is equally important.


The Walk with Ease kit can help strengthen those self-management skills.  It is a guide to walking for better health, improved fitness, and less pain, that helps those with arthritis begin a walking program.  It has been shown to reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis and increase balance, strength and walking pace. 


Inside the Walk with Ease kit are the following resources:

  • ·       A guidebook that teaches you how to walk safely and comfortably
  • ·       A workbook to track your progress on the go
  • ·       A multi-function pedometer with clock, large easy-to-read screen, and clip
  • ·       Reflective shoe tag and arm band to increase visibility when walking


If you can be on their feet for 10 minutes to do household chores, shop, or social activities, then you’ll most likely be able to begin a walking program and improve your health. But walking is not the only component of the program, it also includes health information, exercises, and motivational tips and tools which are described in the guidebook. 


The Walk with Ease kits are available to be loaned to residents through the Aging & Disability Resource Center in Green County.  Please call to sign up for the kit, we will send it out, you can use it for six to eight weeks, keep your workbook, and then return it so it can be restocked and sent to the next person on the list.


If interested please call Stephanie Hafez at the Aging & Disability Resource Center at 608-328-9499.