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Who Are We:

The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC)is the place to start whether you or a loved one is facing the challenges that come with changes in health, disability and age or to prevent these changes from becoming challenges.   The ADRC listens to understand each unique situation, gathers information about available options, and connects people to services and resources that best fit their needs so they can maintain control of their lives.

Who We Serve:

The ADRC serves elderly, adults with physical and developmental disabilities as well as serving the families, providers, friends and neighbors of these consumers. We are here to help you navigate through what can be a confusing and complicated web of services and programs. All of our information and assistance is free and confidential so give us a call and we look forward to talking with you!

The Aging & Disability Resource Center in Green County is a local office of the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin and partners with other local offices in Grant, Iowa & Lafayette Counties. Our Regional information can be found on our Regional website at

The ADRC of Green County Serves:

  • elderly
  • adults with physical and developmental disabilities
  • as well as serving the families, providers, friends and neighbors of these consumers

ADRC can provide valuable knowledge and resources to caregivers, family members, friends. Visit our Resources page to learn what resources are available.

Volunteer Spotlight

Barb Kummerfeldt

Stepping On Peer Leader in New Glarus, WI

“My favorite part of being a peer leader is knowing that I can inspire someone else…..”

Benefits of Vounteering

  • Connects you to others & to the community.
  • Brings fun & fulfillment to your life.
  • Increases self-confidence, self-esteem, & satisfaction.
  • Helps you stay physically healthy.
  • Provides a sense of satisfying achievement.