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Know What is Available!

The ADRC staff can assist you in finding the proper resources you need to maintain a great livestyle. We can provide you with not only the information on what is available, but also help you take advantage of those services you qualify for. Assistance specialists in the ADRC provide you with information about services, resources, and programs in areas such as disability and long-term care, living arrangements, health and wellness, adult protective services, employment and training for people with disabilities, home maintenance, nutrition and publicly funded programs.  ADRC specialists can help to connect you with services and can help you apply for publicly funded programs as needed.  You can call the resource center about a wide variety of topics.  You can contact the ADRC in a variety of ways; phone, in person with no appointments needed, by fax, email or written letter.  Information and Assistance services can be obtained anonymously and can be obtained by the person needing the information or by family members or other loved ones.

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ADRC can help direct you to resources you need!