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The Green County dining program provides nutritious well-balanced meals for older and disabled persons in two different ways—either in a Senior Dining Center or at home for those individuals that are homebound.

The dining program service also provides nutrition screenings and counseling to individuals at the community dining centers. These services assist participants in living independently by providing better health through participation.  In addition to the nutritious meal and variety in menu, the nutrition program offers opportunities to enjoy a meal, join an activity, and socialize with friends.  Dining Center mealtime is 12:00 pm.

Those who receive a Home Delivered meal experience a greeting and short visit from a volunteer along with the delivery of a well balanced delicious meal. Meals are delivered starting at 11:15 am.


Meals prevent malnutrition and promote good health behaviors through nutrition education, nutrition health screening and interactive participation.

All meals meet 1/3 of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance that provides essential nutrients that are safe and good quality.

Special diets are available after physician approval and are monitored by a registered dietician.  The special diets include:  Regular, Diabetic, and Soft/Chopped.

Maintain and promote coordination with nutrition-related and other supportive services to older and disabled adult

Eligibility for Senior Dining (Congregate) Meals:  Individuals eligible to receive a meal on a contribution basis at a senior dining center are:  Aged 60 or older; any spouse who attends the dining center with their spouse who is aged 60 or older; a person with a disability, under age 60, who resides in housing facilities occupied primarily by older individuals at which congregate nutrition services are provided; a disabled individual who resides at home with an eligible older individual participating in the program; any nutrition services staff and volunteers who perform nutrition duties.

Eligibility Criteria For Home Delivered Meals:  An individual age 60 or older who is frail, essentially homebound by reason of illness or disability and has no one to prepare a meal for them; a spouse of a person eligible for home delivered meals regardless of age or condition; a disabled individual who resides at home with an eligible individual.

For questions and information

regarding the Green County Nutrition program contact the

Aging and Disability Resource Center

(608) 328-9499

Dining Center Locations:


(608) 328-9499
Monday & Friday


Gempler’s Supermarket
219 N. Main Street
(608) 938-4927
Monday – Friday


Monroe Senior Center
1113 10th Street
(608) 325-3040
Monday – Friday


Brodhead Senior Center
1103 W. Second Avenue
(608) 897-4796
Monday & Friday


Sugar River Senior Center
21 S. Vine Street
(608) 424-6007
Monday – Friday

New Glarus

(608) 328-9499
Monday – Friday