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Make Your Golden Years Glisten


There are so many positive aspects to getting older! Often there is increased freedom in how one chooses to spend their time after retirement.  Endless options can present themselves.  Will it be joining a club?  Signing up for a class?  Volunteering for a cause, getting fit, traveling or maybe even starting a new hobby?  Now there is more time to enjoy friends and family too!  It can be a fun and exciting time! Additionally, research shows that growing older can often be accompanied by a greater sense of happiness. 


However, for some adults, the body does not always cooperate with the plans the brain had made.  A physical condition may limit your ability to participate in activities independently.  Perhaps early memory loss prevents you from enjoying the pursuits you once had.  Sometimes even being with your family, friends or other older adults can make you feel worse as attention focuses only on what you can’t do.   This should be a time of happiness and fun!  Therefore, in honor of Older Americans Month, we are asking all of you to “Unleash the Power of Age”… and get up, get out, and share yourself or a family member with the world. 


The Hand in Hand adult day program in Green County could be just the opportunity you are looking for!  It is a place that provides stimulation for your brain, activity for your body, warm food for your belly, smiles for your face, and laughter for your soul.  It is a place where you will feel welcomed by others like you who are there to talk about their  “can -do’s”, the good old days, share wisdom and stories, rekindle some old hobbies… and learn new ones!


Hand in Hand will help you or your family member get the socialization, mental stimulation, physical exercise, and attention you need to enjoy getting older. “At Hand in Hand, a warm family-like atmosphere envelops participants. The camaraderie and laughter found in abundance gives meaning, purpose and structure to all participants. The staff has a good time as well! ” explains Lou Dalton –Aging Programs Coordinator with the ADRC.


Hand in Hand meets twice/week on Tuesday and Friday from 9:30 -2:30 pm in Monroe.  Transportation is available as well as some scholarship opportunities.  To learn more, please call the Aging & Disability Resource Center at 608-328-9499.