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Tasty Tuesday

Do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes? Are you someone that can burn water and only have a microwave? Somewhere in-between maybe? Then this cooking video series might be just for you! The ADRC would like to introduce to you Tasty Tuesdays; a weekly YouTube series put on by ADRC staff featuring a wide variety of ingredients, experience levels, and cooking methods! We aim to provide education on healthy ingredients, adaptive aids in the kitchen, and provide an opportunity to make fun dishes using all sorts of different techniques. You may even recognize some “guest stars” of human services in our episodes!


How it works:

You may subscribe to the ADRC YouTube page here and follow the ADRC Facebook page here where we will post about the Tasty Tuesday video each Tuesday. We will have each recipe featured in each video that you can screenshot, print, or write down; each recipe will also be available on this page as a PDF that you can access. You can also reach out to the ADRC for an already-printed version that we can send to you in the mail. We can be reached via phone at 608-328-9499 or via email at


How can I get involved?

Our community members are our focus and we would love for you to get involved in Tasty Tuesdays! We encourage chefs of all ages and abilities to try making the recipes and send us feedback and pictures on how their creations turn out. We are interested in any recipes that you may want featured in an episode of Tasty Tuesdays! Send us a recipe and let us know if there is a story behind it or an ingredient that has healthy properties that we can hype up! We can be reached via phone at 608-328-9499 or via email at

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