Healthy Living with Diabetes
Healthy Living with Diabetes Workshops Support Self-Management



Diabetes is a chronic, life-long, on-going condition.  In fact, one of every 12 American is affected by diabetes.  In Wisconsin alone, there are 475,000 adults with diabetes and 1.45 Million with pre-diabetes.  While you may see a physician or another health care provider several times a year, most days you are the one who controls your diabetes through monitoring, nutrition, exercise and managing your symptoms. You are not alone if this change in lifestyle is a challenge.  That is why the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is now offering Healthy Living with Diabetes, a researched and proven program designed to help you manage it all.


Healthy Living with Diabetes’ main goal is to help you learn self-management skills to increase your confidence in managing your diabetes. The workshop will teach you techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes, about appropriate exercise, medication, and healthy eating strategies.


Healthy Living with Diabetes is taught to a small group (up to 15 older adults) by two trained leaders.  The workshop meets for weekly for six consecutive weeks for 2.5 hours.  Each week a new topic is covered and a weekly action plan is set.


You are not alone in your journey with diabetes and Healthy Living with Diabetes is a program proven to help.  People who take this workshop report improved health and feel confident in managing their diabetes.  They also show improvement in blood sugar levels and feel confident when talking to their physicians.


This program is designed for:


  • Adults with type 2 diabetes
  • Adults with pre-diabetes
  • Adults living with someone with diabetes



Keeping You Informed

Healthy Eating for Successful Living classes happen regularly throughout the communities in Green County.  To stay up-to-date, you can check out our Events Calendar by clicking HERE, get updates delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing HERE, or call the Aging & Disability Resource Center office at 608-328-9499.


 Additional Resources

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