Nursing Home Relocation


An Opportunity for People in Nursing Homes 


Residents of nursing homes who would prefer to receive their long-term care at home may be interested in this opportunity. As part of his 2005-07 Biennial Budget, Governor Doyle included a proposal that would give elders and persons with physical disabilities the opportunity to relocate from nursing homes. Now people being cared for in nursing homes will have a choice — to remain in that setting or move if their care needs can be met at home, in an apartment or in an assisted living setting. If Medicaid is currently paying for the person’s stay, Medicaid may be available to provide needed help at home through publicly funded long-term care programs called Family Care or IRIS.



This program, offered through the Aging & Disability Resource Center, is available to people who:


  • currently reside in a nursing home
  • currently have Medicaid pay for their nursing home care
  • are aged 65 years or older or have a physical disability
  • are determined by the county human service agency to be eligible for Family Care or IRIS
  • have an ongoing need for long-term care services



For more information contact the Aging & Disability Resource Center and ask to speak to someone regarding Nursing Home Relocation.

An Information & Assistance Specialist from the Resource Center will set an appointment to meet in the nursing home with the person interested in returning home. During the meeting the specialist will:


  • assess if the person is eligible for the program
  • discuss what the person’s health care needs are and what they can and cannot do for themselves
  • discuss the individual’s preferences for the kind of help they need
  • discuss the different program options available
  • discuss home care and residential options and preferences
  • explain program policies and procedures


Based on all of this information, the I&A Specialist will help the person and their family enroll in the program of their choice, if found eligible. Once in either Family Care or IRIS, the person will be assigned to a care manager in that agency who will help facilitate the move into the community.  The care manager will make the necessary arrangements for the relocation. The nursing home and care manager will coordinate with the person and their family to assist with needed transitions as the person moves. The care manager stays involved, visits periodically, and ensures that services get provided and that the person is safe and satisfied with care arrangements.