History of the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in Green County:


The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in Green County has been in operation since May of 2000. The ADRC provides information and assistance to older adults, people with physical disabilities and people with developmental disabilities as well as providing information to people with mental health and substance abuse issues. The ADRC was developed and implemented without the substantial financial resources that it has today. Green County Human Services stayed committed to this project without the benefit of an on-going funding source. It stayed in operation by actively pursuing many different funding sources until 2005 when the ADRC received a contract from the state. The ADRC in Green County receives over 2000 calls a year from people of all ages in different situations.


In June of 2008 the ADRC in Green County became a part of a Regional ADRC named the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin-South (consisting of Grant, Green, Iowa and Lafayette) and began working very closely with our sister ADRC, the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin-North (consisting of Crawford, Juneau, Richland and Sauk).  All counties collaborate in many areas to ensure consistency and quality across all 8 counties.  There is a regional website, www.adrcswwi.org, that you can visit to get contact information for any of the other 7 counties.


Another changed happened in January 2009, when service and programs were reorganized at Green County Human Services and the ADRC took on a new face and mission.  All of the aging services (home/congregate meals, transportation, adult day center) along with the representative payee and budget counseling services and the elder abuse/adult-at-risk investigator  joined forces with the ADRC and became one inclusive unit working together to serve the community.  With this new reorganization the services the ADRC became more complete with a wider array of services to offer.


ADRCs are spreading fast around the state and are currently in a majority of the counties.  They are proving to be a beneficial and helpful resource to their communities.  You can visit the state website to find out where in Wisconsin there are ADRCs as well as contact information, or you can call our office and we can give you the information over the phone or send it to you in the mail.