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Our health is largely influenced by two major factors: heredity and nutrition.  Heredity, of course, is one of the factors that influence our health and we have no control over it.  Many of us have a family history of specific health conditions or increased risks for health problems from our genetics.  The good news is that the food we eat or our nutrition is equally important as our family history.  Nutrition is a health influence that we definitely have control over.  Knowing what foods to eat and how much of them to eat is the difficult part. We grew up eating certain things, prepared a certain way, and these foods and traditions have become part of who we are.  Changing them to improve our health or lifestyle takes time and practice.  That is why the Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is now offering a healthy eating workshop called Healthy Eating for Successful Living.



Healthy Eating for Successful Living’s main goal is to help you maintain or improve your health by eating a variety of nutritious foods and maintain a healthy weight. The workshop will help you assess your current eating habits and then teach you to set small, realistic goals to improve your nutrition.


Healthy Eating for Successful Living is taught to a small group (up to 15 older adults) by two trained leaders.  The workshop meets for weekly for six consecutive weeks for 2.5 hours.  Each week a new nutrition topic is covered, and participants are asked to set a weekly goal that they feel is achievable to improve their nutrition.


Topics covered in weekly sessions:


Session 1

USDA MyPlate and 2010 Dietary Guidelines

Activity Levels and Appropriate Calorie Levels

Portion Sizes and Reading Nutrition Labels

Food and Physical Activity Journals  



Session 2

Grains, Fruits and Vegetables, Water, and Exercise


Session 3

Meats, Eggs and Legumes, Milk, and Exercise


Session 4

Fats, Oils, Sweets, and Exercise


Session 5

Applying our Skills – Grocery Shopping


Session 6

Putting it All Together – Meal Preparation


Session 7

Healthy Eating Luncheon



Keeping You Informed

Healthy Eating for Successful Living classes happen regularly throughout the communities in Green County.  To stay up-to-date, you can check out our Events Calendar by clicking HERE, get updates delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing HERE, or call the Aging & Disability Resource Center office at 608-328-9499.


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