BeST Communication: A research study to provide Better, Safer, Care through Clear Communication

One of the major roles that caregivers play is keeping communication lines open between healthcare professionals, like doctors, nurses, or pharmacists, and the friend or family member they are helping. This role is critical because healthcare professionals also depend on the caregivers to relay messages and make sure proper care is given. In fact, in Green County this challenge was rated number one by caregivers in a survey done in 2012.


To address this problem the Green County Caregiver Coalition, the Monroe Clinic, and the Aging & Disability Resource Center have partnered with Dr. Paul Smith from the University of Wisconsin to develop a new research project.  It is called BeST Communication. 


BeST Communication is an educational workshop that meets once a week for four weeks.  Its main focal points are to help caregivers better prepare for visits, ask questions, get answers they need, and work with their healthcare team.


This workshop is offered free of cost for unpaid adult family caregivers who care for someone age 60 or older.  There will also be respite available, if needed, for those who attend.


This study aims to provide extra assistance and insight into navigating the health care system through the caregiver perspective.  The BeST Communication study team hopes that the information taught will remove some of the stress related to working with health care professionals. BeST Communication will be holding its first education session in April 2014. 


If you have questions or need more information please call the Aging & Disability Resource Center at 608-328-9499.  

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